Me, Myself and I Link Party

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1. What is your favorite season? 

I don't really have a favorite season. There is something I love about all the seasons. When it's 20 degrees out, I really look forward to spring. When it's 110 degrees out, I can't wait for winter and (hopefully) snow. I love the fall because of Halloween and Thanksgiving. 

2. Talk about a moment that changed your life.

I don't really have a defining moment, but I would say the birth of each one of my children has been a life-changing event. No picture here, but wow, you would not believe what you can see if you google "childbirth". 

3. If you could be any crayola crayon color, what would you be and why?

Purple, any shade. I love purple!

4. Describe yourself as a superhero: Superpower? Name? Sidekick?

My superpower is invisibility. I could be standing right in front of you and you wouldn't notice me. My name is SuperMom. My sidekick would have to be one of my many children. 

5. If you had all the money in the world and could only shop at 3 stores, where would you shop?

Meijer, Amazon and Target
You can buy anything you could possibly need at one of these 3 stores.

Things I Love: Shoe Edition

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Any one who knows me, knows I have a thing for sparkle. Sparkle, glitter, shimmer, sequins, it all catches my eye. Some people might call it tacky, but I call it awesome.

I'm a SAHM and student. Outside of that, I have basically no social life so there really isn't any reason for me to wear anything other than tennis shoes, but I have been lusting over these shoes like crazy! Check out my favorites.

Converse All Star Lo Sparkle Athletic Shoe in Turquoise

Corral Turquoise Cortez/Cream Fleur de Lis Boot

Xhilaration Kasey Sequins Suede Boot

Alegria Paloma in Snake Luster Print

J.Renee Rose Gold Floral Pumps

These are my top 5 favorite songs at the moment. I have these on replay all the time. In fact, I'm sure my family is getting tired of hearing them, but I can't help myself.

Memento by Listen Listen Man

Civilian by Wye Oak

Gold by Wake Owl

Derenda by Oh My Me

Houston Train by Houndmouth

What I've Been Up To

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I've had a busy couple of weeks. In between all the studying I've been to a farm, the zoo, 2 Halloween parties, a baby shower, one open house, one band concert, and a mall. The beginning of Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I'm really looking forward to trick or treating with my kids this year. One of the perks of having kids is that you get to eat their candy! I mean really, I'm being a good mom by eating most of it. I'm keeping them from getting cavities and/or diabetes!

My Month in Pictures
Owl at Zoo

At the Winery. These bottles were so pretty.
Feeding Ducks at the Farm

Jalapeno Muenster Cheese from the Dairy
Cute Pumpkin from the Baby Shower

I've had fun this month, but I can't wait for November and December to get here. Christmas is my very favorite time of the year and I'm so ready to put my tree up. I'm even more anxious to get this year over with and get back to school. I miss it so much.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. According to the American Cancer Society, almost 300,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. 40,000 women will die from it. How many of use can say we don't know someone affected by breast cancer? Yet, so many women avoid the simple tests that can help to diagnose it. All women over 40 need to have a mammogram every year. If you are uninsured or can't afford one, the Center for Disease Control has a list of places that you can obtain free and low cost mammograms.

In it's earliest stages, breast cancer doesn't usually cause symptoms. As the cancer progresses, it may cause some of the following symptoms:

  • pain
  • nipple discharge
  • redness
  • swelling
  • itching
  • a lump in the breast
If you have any of these symptoms, you should contact your physician right away. The sooner it is detected, the better chance there is of treating it. The good news is, due to early diagnosis and treatment, there are 3 million breast cancer survivors in the United States. Breast cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence.  I encourage every one to remind your friends, mothers, and sisters to do monthly breast exams and schedule a yearly mammogram.

Free Printables

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I'm a sucker for free stuff. Here are a few fun printables I have found this week.

Steady My Heart Bookmarks from Minted Strawberry

Minnie Mouse Cupcake Wrappers from Peonies and Poppyseeds. My daughter loves Minnie Mouse so we will be using these for her next birthday.

Be Loved Poster and All You Need is Love poster from Paper Coterie

Tons of free printables from one of my favorite blogs,  Kind Over Matter . You'll definitely want to follow this blog.

Lots of free worksheets for organizing at I Heart Organizing

Those Who Bring Sunshine Print  from Collected

Halloween Printables from Queen of the Creek

Gorgeous inspirational prints  from River Rose.

October Calendars  from Pretty Unpretentious

Another favorite site of mine, Feed Your Soul, hasn't been updated in a few months, but if you haven't checked it out, it's definitely worth a look. They have lots of printable art. These prints are beautiful enough to frame and hang in your living room.

How to Make Pink Lemonade Pie

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My kids are constantly begging me for something sweet to eat. I don't like to buy them a lot of candy, so I try to make dessert 1 or 2 nights a week. I'm a huge recipe hoarder. I have tons of them bookmarked to try. I came across this recipe for Lemonade Pie the other night, when looking for something new. I wanted to make it low fat so I replaced the Cool Whip and condensed milk with fat free versions.

This is what it looks like when you pour condensed milk over whipped topping.
I used pink lemonade instead. Why? Because I like pink. Stir it all together, pour it in a crust and freeze.
Click here for the recipe.