Medical school prerequisites are:

  • 1 year Biology
  • 1 year Chemistry
  • 1 year Physics
  • 1 year Organic Chemistry
  • 1 year English
  • College Math
I have already taken several English and math classes so I have those prerequisites already filled. I also need to take 3 semesters of a foreign language and Medical Ethics before transferring. By the time I transfer, I should have all of the prerequisites out of the way except for Organic Chemistry. I will then be able to concentrate on taking classes for my Biology major.

 I need to take as many classes as possible before transferring to a 4 yr college. The tuition at my community college is $140 per credit hour versus $460 per credit hour at the university.  Since I will have to take out loans once I transfer, I want to minimize costs as much as possible. I hope to do well enough that I might qualify for a scholarship.  I've also been thinking about getting a part time job at the University I plan to attend, so that I can get some of my tuition reimbursed. I already know I will have to take out loans for medical school so I don't want to max out my loans before I even graduate.