Time Flies

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So here it is 5 months later and I'm finally back to update. I finished my summer semester with a 3.0. These were all classes I had to make up so that provided a significant boost to my GPA. Unfortunately, due to a car accident we had earlier this month, I had to withdraw from Fall classes because I couldn't afford the tuition. It is imperative that our van gets fixed, so that had to come first. I will be saving up to return to school in January.

In January, I will be taking Biology 1, Chemistry 1, Physics 1 ( and their respective labs) and Bioethics. In the meantime, I will be taking some OCW classes to study for those classes. If you've never heard of open courseware, you should check it out. MIT, Harvard, Columbia, Yale, Stanford and many other colleges offer select courses online for free without receiving credit. They are a great way to study ahead for a class. I enjoy learning so I expect this will be a good way to keep me in the "school groove" until I return to classes in the spring.